Terms and conditions

  1. Weight of cargo / container must be within the limits of 30.0 tons Gross. (If containerized)
  2. Offloading at destination: 48 hours free from the date and time of the arrival of truck after that US$ 250 per Semi Trailer & US$ 350 per Low Loader per day shall be the standing time charged.
  3. Border Standing Time: 5 working days free from the date and time of the arrival of truck after that US$ 250 per Semi Trailer & US$ 350 per Low Loader per day shall be the standing time charged.
  4. Wide / Abnormal / Special Permit Standing Time: 48 hours free from the date and time of the truck loaded after that US$ 250 per Semi Trailer & US$ 350 per Low Loader per day shall be the standing time charged.
  5. Return of Empty Containers / ISO Tainers (GP/HC/OT/FR): In the event the container is dropped-off and not de-stuffed within 48 hours of arrival at site, client will be responsible to return the empty container to the shipping line depot at client cost.
  6. Any over-weights fine & surcharge shall be borne by client
  7. Incase of 20′ (GP/OT/FR) / ISO Tainer exceeding gross weight 13.5 tons, shall be loaded as single and a full rate shall be charged.
  8. The transport rate are based on current prevailing fuel price of US$ 0.9 per litter any increase in the price of fuel by 5% and over will subject to a revision in the above quoted transport rate.
  9. All quotes valid for 30 days
  10. Goods in Transit Insurance, Border(s) Clearance & other related cost of the cargo shall be borne by client.
  11. This quotation is based upon the dimensions / weight / product type as advised by yourself. In the event of any change to these we reserve the right to amend our rates accordingly & any additional cost arising thereof will be forwarded to client.
  12. All local disbursements attract 18% VAT.
  13. All out of gauge or abnormal cargo are subject for permits from TANROAD, for wide load permit application, all information / dimensions provided by the client shall be used to apply for wide load permit and any wrong information / dimensions given shall be the responsibility of client. As TANROAD fines for wrong information USD 2000.
  14. Absence of escort vehicle(s) or change of escort vehicle without the consent of TANROAD is prohibited and illegal. An additional penalty of USD 2000 will be imposed for each offence, if this condition or permit conditions are violated, and TANROAD will revoke permit.
  15. Any Over Weight Fines & Surcharges payable, by client, in full immediately upon advice prior to movement.
  16. All the cargo, goods and the containers in which the same are transported in are accepted by BNM at the Owner’s risk. BNM shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the cargo, goods or the container due to theft, fire, mis-delivery, delay, deviation, negligence or carelessness of BNM’s employees or any other damage whatsoever and howsoever caused. The Owner is to be responsible and arrange for all necessary insurable risks.
  17. All the terms and conditions contained herein relating to the payment of rates shall be construed and have effect as referring to such increased rates applicable from time to time
  18. BNM shall be entitled from time to time to vary and increase the rates quoted above to such other rates as BNM is of the opinion represents increases in Port, Rail and Government Tariffs in relation to nature of the services made available to yourselves and having regard to such other circumstances as BNM shall deem appropriate. BNM shall notify you of any increase in the rates charges hereunder.
  19. All payments due to be made by you hereunder shall be made in full and without set-off or counterclaim, free and clear of and without deduction for or on account of any present or future Taxes or Bank Charges and shall be effected by Telegraphic Transfer unless otherwise agreed.
  20. If you instruct BNM to provide the services, all relevant documentation together with any payment required to be paid by us in respect of various charges shall be required to be handed over to BNM in seven (7) working days before the arrival of the vessel in Dar Es Salaam, failing which, you shall be liable for all excess charges being incurred due to late documentation