Air Freight


Whether there is a need for consolidated or direct air service, our foreign agents are ready to route your goods from almost any point of the world. We make sure that the transit time is as short as possible. We also offer our clients door to door service. Our freights are the most trustworthy pieces of transportation. Built with precision and brought in by with care by haulage services.


BNM Freight Forwarders Company Limited has a full service air export department providing services from Tanzania to any destination. Our experienced staff can provide you with quality assistance as may be required. Our employees are our number one asset and are “employee empowered” to make the quick decisions you need.

The way we move your goods is how you want it to be moved. We get your shipments to the destination on time, in good shape and at lowest possible cost.

We make sure all the necessary documents are prepared and presented at the departure and arrival ports.